October 8, 2014

His hand hovered over her clit, threatening a touch but not delivering. She knew what would happen if his hand brushed that tiny, engorged piece of flesh. He repeated it again, letting it sink all the deeper into her opening mind. “Just one flick of your clit, and you will cum. That orgasm will leave you so blank, so submissive, so willing to be my slave.”
She moaned, barely able to keep her hips from rising up to meet that finger. His eyes, those deep, powerful, eyes, eyes she fell into, that deep, arousing voice that she fell into even deeper. “One flick, cum, and be my slave.”
"Yes," came from her mouth, without volition. "Make me cum," she moaned. "Please, make me cum." Her back pressed into the dental chair as he leaned above her, framing her entire world.
His hand reached down and teased that sensitive flesh. She gasped, another “Yes,” rising from her without conscious effort. Where had her panties gone? Just as she reached for that rational thought he recaptured her with his eyes as a single masculine finger bru1shed her clitoris.
She came, and she kept cumming. Her hands, still glued by his command, gripped the armrests as her hips bucked against his hand. His hand. Master’s hand. Yes, she was cumming for Master, obeying master, yes, yes, from now on yes, master.